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If you imagine your life 20 years after your wedding, you might not be able to remember much about the wedding day. Be it the butterflies in your stomach, the feeling that came from holding hands, the people around you, or the taste of her kiss. We know that love is eternal, but the memories might fade with time. Want to make them last forever? Contact a destination wedding videographer. A wedding film that makes your heart skip a beat whenever you watch it can be the best method to preserve memories.

Hiring a professional and friendly destination wedding videographer is your way to make the big day of your life memorable. Levi Weddings can help you capture all the enchantments of your wedding. We offer you destination wedding videographer services packed with strong visuals portrayed through artistically executed videography and photography.

We Capture Your Destination Wedding

Destination wedding videographers at Levi Weddings love documenting the wedding day of couples. We handle the truly unique story of each couple. Our innovative styles help us to record your authentic story. The stunning backdrops and lighting will be covered in your fantastic wedding photographs or films. We capture your destination wedding that will not only bring back the memories of what your special day felt like but also remind you why you two chose to be together in the first place.

Our team has been critically acclaimed for creating a unique style of wedding photographs. The influence is from fashion and fine-art photography. We are humble for not just being photo or videographers. But we call ourselves artists as we create unique and expressive work. In light of this, we are constantly experimenting and improving our techniques and tools to blend different styles and tell a compelling story.

Why Choose Levi Wedding – Destination Videography Services

You must be wondering, why choose Levi Wedding for destination videography service? We are here to answer. Based on our views, both photography and videography are a form of art, and not all artists are the same. Therefore, whenever you choose us, we make sure that your photos and films are in alignment with how you envision them. Our team is entirely at your service and always ready to talk about your plans for a perfect wedding film. We aim to make your wedding day special. It is possible with the help of our destination wedding videographers, who capture cute candid moments. We also love to shoot the reception. This includes posed photos of the bride and groom, the family, and the wedding party.

Capturing the most memorable moments out of your event comes with great satisfaction. Afterward, we compile them to create a unique piece of art. When everything else fails, our photos and videos speak.

Destination Wedding Photographer

Levi Weddings has got you all covered, whether you prefer black and white photos or those blooming with colors. Our destination wedding photographer will capture the romance of the best day of your life. When finding a photographer in your hometown, the task is not so challenging. You can ask your friends or family, and they then pour in their suggestions. However, what if you do not know any photographer from the destination of your choice?


If your destination is anywhere in Burlington, Hamilton, Brantford, or Oakville, we are the best choice. Our destination wedding photographer builds a connection with you beforehand to put you at ease on your big day. Our pride is in offering destination wedding videography and photography to capture your stories through the view of our lens. We are fond of covering destination weddings for couples who are looking to add a special touch to their weddings.

Book Professional Videographers For Your Beach Wedding

Are you planning on saying ‘I do’ on the beach? You need a great photographer to capture all the dreamy moments. Speaking of the vibes, a beach wedding is a 10/10 with a natural and romantic touch. If you are looking for a casual yet romantic scene that is hard to create inside a church, a beach setting will do the trick. However, you would never want a beach wedding to go uncaptured. This is where you will have to book professional videographers for your beach wedding. And this is where Levi Weddings will jump in for you. We will take advantage of the moment the sun begins to set. The golden hour at the beach provides us with photo opportunities that turn out great. If you are planning a destination wedding at the beach, we are open to bookings!

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