Drone Videography at Weddings

Adding a Unique Perspective to Your Footage

So your big day is fast approaching. All the details are more or less accounted for, except you want to ensure that the company in charge of capturing your day’s events catches all the right angles. Technology has come a long way and there are no signs of it slowing down any time soon. Drones now offer videographers a ton of new, unique angles to take videos from. They enable us to show the scale of your wedding from up high and catch a ton of candid content without getting in your way.

Are you thinking about hiring a videographer for your wedding? This blog talks about how drone videography at weddings can add a unique perspective to your footage.

A Sky-High Perspective

In the beginning, you could only capture moments via cameras, a frozen moment in time. And while pictures can bring back memories quite well, videos can make you feel like you’re actually revisiting the moment. However, drones take videography to new heights, literally. With a birds-eye-view of your wedding, a drone can capture the grandiosity of the event. What’s more, a drone doesn’t get in your way! Moreover, the drone can film everything and everyone in a single show. That is to say, you can enjoy seeing every dressed to the nines while also seeing the elegant decor or the beautiful surrounding environment.

Camera in Motion

Drones bring more than mere aerial shots to the table. The subtle, small flying craft can also move and seamlessly change angles. The drones and cameras that Levi Weddings use provide a steady picture. So your shots won’t be all shaky. So you can get beautiful sweeping clips that add a touch of splendor to your recordings.

Many of our packages include a movie format. And as professional videographers, we know how to safely fly drones and capture your wedding from a variety of angles, creating the perfect wedding movie that allows you to relive your perfect day.

Technology Meets Creativity

Another cool factor that drones enable is that videographers have a ton of new approaches and angles to play with when creating your wedding video. As professionals, having these extra options opens a lot more doors. In other words, the creativity that drones allow is limited only by your imagination. But what so options are we talking about? A few examples can include creative introductions, transitions, and closings to your wedding video. You can also make requests like creating an aerial shot that zooms in on the bride and groom standing in a heart shape made by the wedding guests. Another cool example can be a bird’s-eye view of the newlyweds’ sparkler exit.

Considerations and Preparation

While using a drone is an exciting proposition, there are a few considerations to make before committing to the service. For instance, you need to ensure your venue allows drone usage. Additionally, the operator needs to comply with all local regulations. Drones also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and many require certifications to use. The operator should be a certified professional with experience in wedding drone videography. This is essential for safety. Moreover, it ensures they can actually capture high-quality footage while respecting guest privacy and safety. At Levi Weddings, we have certified professionals that can safely record your wedding day.

Drone Videography at Weddings

Are you looking for a drone videography experience for your wedding? Levi Weddings offers professional drone videography that will capture your wedding from all unique angles. Our professionals will work with you to create unique shots that can add to the fun! We’ll create the ultimate wedding movie that takes you back to your special day.


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