The New Look of Wedding Photography

Toronto Wedding Photography

Innovations by LEVI Wedding – Toronto Wedding Photography In recent years, the landscape of wedding photography has evolved significantly, embracing new technologies and trends that cater to the diverse and dynamic desires of modern couples. LEVI Wedding, a premier wedding photography service in Toronto, stands at the forefront of this transformation, offering a suite of […]

Summer Wedding Trends in Toronto

Your Guide to a Trendy Celebration Summer weddings in Toronto are an enchanting affair, celebrated with stunning backdrops ranging from the lush greenery of the city parks to the iconic skyline by the waterfront. As trends evolve, Levi Wedding Videography Services in Toronto is at the forefront, capturing the essence of modern nuptials. Here, we […]

Inclusive Wedding Videography: Celebrating LGBTQ Love

Inclusive Wedding Videography: Celebrating LGBTQ Love Levi Wedding offers inclusive wedding videography services to celebrate LGBTQ love! In a world where love knows no boundaries, LGBTQ weddings stand as a radiant testament to this truth. At the heart of these celebrations is the desire to capture every heartfelt moment, making inclusive wedding videography a service […]

Capturing Your Unforgettable Wedding Moments: Destination Videography

Capturing Your Unforgettable Wedding Moments: Destination Videography Adding the travelling experience is the perfect way to take your wedding to the next level! Having gone to such lengths, it’s natural to want to capture those fond memories. However, choosing the right individual or team for the job is critical. While having someone around to record […]

Meet the Team: Our Winter Wedding Experts

At LEVI Weddings, we’re a team of winter wedding experts. Our skill and focus lie in capturing the genuine, candid moments that make your special day unique – from the heartfelt ceremony to the joyous reception. Our team excels in photographing the essential elements of your wedding. This includes the emotional first look between partners, […]

Winter Wedding Wonderland: Why Choose a Winter Wedding Videographer

We don’t typically envision our special taking place during the winter months. However, despite seeming odd, hosting your wedding in a winter wonderland is becoming increasingly popular. And why not? Winter weddings are nothing short of magical! What’s more, they offer a unique blend of romance and elegance only this season can provide. However, the […]

From Vows to Video: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding Shoot

From Vows to Video: A Step-by-Step Guide to Planning Your Wedding Shoot with Levi Weddings  Your wedding day is a beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime moment filled with love, joy, and emotion. What better way to relive those precious memories than through a professionally crafted wedding video? At Levi Weddings, we understand the significance of capturing every meaningful […]

Drone Magic: Aerial Perspectives of Your Wedding Venue

Unveiling a New Dimension of Your Wedding Day Introducing Drone Magic by Levi Weddings 289.456.1816 Your wedding day is a chapter of your love story that deserves to be captured from every breathtaking angle. At Levi Weddings, we believe in weaving magic into your cherished moments, and that’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our latest […]

Choosing the Right Wedding Videographer

Choosing the Right Wedding Videographer

Choosing the Right Wedding Videographer Questions to Ask and Factors to Consider 289.456.1816 Excited for your big day? It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Undoubtedly, you’re looking to make the most of it. Weddings require a ton of planning, and finding someone who can capture those memories is an essential part of that process. However, like every […]

Drone Videography at Weddings

Drone Videography at Weddings Adding a Unique Perspective to Your Footage 289.456.1816 So your big day is fast approaching. All the details are more or less accounted for, except you want to ensure that the company in charge of capturing your day’s events catches all the right angles. Technology has come a long way and […]